Owl Post

Who Who wants to send the most perfect mail ever? Who Who? You! And all you need is this stamp set to ensure that your mail will be flying off to it's intended, recipient!

Create the PERFECT planner spread with this adorable set! This Owl Post stamp measures approximately 1.75" x 1.67".

Attractively priced for your "Just Because" notes, for Valentines Day, or Friendship Day. Use it for any occasion you'd want a card!

Scrapbooking your child going off to school? You'll need this set!

Decorate plain paper pads OR plain paper rolls to create your very own stationery or wrapping paper!

A clear acrylic block will be needed to stamp with these - check out our Stamp Starter kit here. You can also view out our selection of ink pads here.

Lovingly made in the USA!

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