Mythical Cthulu

Deep in the depths of the ocean, a creature lies dreaming. A creature not of this earth, but of the stars, a creature that will haunt your dreams. And you get to craft with him now! How fun is that! 

We've created a 2x3 inch clear photopolymer stamp set that includes this little mythical creature, a monocle, because he's cool like that, and two really great sentiments!

This is the PERFECT set to use for a bookmark, or if you're giving away a gift certificate to a bookstore or a book! And of course, it's ready to adorn the birthday cards you intend to make!

Perfect for card making, scrapbooking, planner stamping or even creating your own stationery or wrapping paper!

A clear acrylic block will be needed to stamp with these.

Lovingly made in the USA with high quality photopolymer.

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