Bag of kindred mysteries

This one is our bag of kindred mysteries! There are two different styles to choose from! Santa sacks are $35 and contain anywhere from $50-$75 in product! The lights bag is $50 and contain from $75-$100 in product! Also TWO of the light bags each have a stamp from not this release- but NEXT month’s release!!!

As an even funnier bonus if you want we can even have a live holiday party where you get to choose your bag live and I open and reveal it here in the fan group!

Each bag contains at minimum- 2 4x6 stamp sets, one 2x6 and/or 2x3 stamp set, one of our fun new pens, shaker packs, sticky notes, skittles, planner stickers and other super fun stuff.

⭐️Two random bags also have a 6x8 stamp set added in too!
⭐️Three random bags (completely random can be in either bag type!) come with a 3” wide custom “made by” stamp! You give me the details and I’ll get it made! You can include any social media link, etc to stamp on the back of your creations so everyone knows who made it!
⭐️One random bag (either style type!) will include a CUSTOM character stamp like Mollys! You supply the photo of yourself, family member, friend or pet and we turn it into a stamp!

There are only 5 bags of each type available. You can purchase more than one if you want- no two bags are identical, but each of the Santa sacks have 1 stamp set that is the same in every bag.

Bag of kindred mysteries are FINAL SALE. No exchanges or returns for any items inside. Santa Sacks come as they are. If you find yourself with double you've got a great gift for a crafty friend!

Type: Unknown Type