January Release Package

Want the whole release? Want to get a discount on it? Want free shipping (US only) while you're at it? Of course, you do! And we're here to help. We've listened to your requests and we are offering our new release at a discounted bundle release for a limited time only and for limited quantities.

The January release package is already discounted, so it is not eligible for any discounts, including reward discounts. Any orders that are placed for this set with a discount will be cancelled and refunded.

You have from now until tomorrow morning to nab this set, or until it runs out!

You will receive:

2 6x8 clear stamp sets: Heirs to the Throne and Royal Throne
1 2x6 clear stamp sets: Cute Dragons
1 4x6 clear stamp sets: Outer Space
2 2x3 clear stamp sets: Mythical Cthuhlu and Angler Fish

Retail value is $80.94!

These sets will be available, individually and without a discount on Friday.


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