Floral Stencil

Kindred Stamps

Our newest floral stencil is absolutely gorgeous! This is a delicate stencil that we highly recommend using pixie dust spray to hold to your surface.

Our team loves stencils, and they think you will too! There are so many really cool things you can do with stencils

* Use them as masks for sprays, inks, and paints.
* Use them with Modeling Past, Transfer Gel, or any texture paste.
* Trace the images and then fill in with watercolor, marker, or whatever you like!
* Step up your game and use these with a gelli plate to create fantastic backgrounds!
The only limit to stencils is your imagination!
Use: Gently tape stencil down using a low-tack adhesive tape. Follow the instructions for the art medium of your choice, or experiment! Remove and wash the stencil after use with warm soapy water.

Type: stencil

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