Play A Game Kit + Class

Kindred Stamps

Are you ready to play a game?

PLEASE NOTE. This kit is NON-REFUNDABLE once purchased. Once this is sold out, it will not be restocked. 1 Per person. If purchasing for someone else a different email and shipping address must be used or it will be cancelled and refunded. No discounts can be used to purchase this item (Kindred Rewards and gift cards ARE okay)

What comes with the kit?
1 4x4 stamp set
1 6x6 stencil

What will you learn?
How to create a flip card
Stencil Inking
Character Coloring

 Please note: While Brianne may use certain colors in markers, ink pads, etc, feel free to make substitutions with what you have on hand!

The class will be emailed via a private link on youtube on Friday December 19th.

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