BACKORDER 2x6 Christmas Chaos Clear Stamp Set

Wow! This item was super popular and is now on backorder and is expected to ship by 12/15. Any orders with this item will be shipped all together when this item arrives back in stock.

Sometimes your holiday plans just don't go as planned, THAT side of your family comes to visit and your plans go to sh$t. But, if you think about it, there are valuable lessons to be learned from experiences like this. We can learn tolerance and we can learn to roll with the punches. We can learn that not all need to go strictly as planned.

Or, we can get our stresses out with crafting using characters who know exactly what we're dealing with. Wallow in that stress if you like, and have a chuckle while you're at it. Go for it, we won't judge!

For starters, this makes the PERFECT holiday card, I mean I probably don't even need to say that. But look at that gift card holder that Audra made! GENIUS!

This is just a really fun set that we think anyone is going to LOVE!

A clear acrylic block will be needed to stamp with these- check out our Stamp Starter kit here. You can also view out our selection of ink pads here.

“Christmas Chaos” is a 2"x6" stamp set made of high-quality clear photopolymer and lovingly produced in the USA.

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