Surviving Zombies

When the world comes to an end you need all of your friends to help fight the zombie invasion. This set helps you by giving you 6 zombie hunters and 1 zombie for them to battle, but watch out for the dead that might arise from the ground!

The sentiments in this set provide the perfect material you'll need for birthday cards, graduation cards, for someone who completes a difficult physical challenge like a marathon!

Are you tired of everything being bright and cheery? This is the perfect antidote to princess pink!

With Shrinky Dink these would make PERFECT earrings or bracelet charms!

A clear acrylic block will be needed to stamp with these- check out our Stamp Starter kit here. You can also view out our selection of ink pads here.

“Surviving Zombies” is a 6"x8" stamp set made of high-quality clear photopolymer and lovingly produced in the USA.

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