90's Girls

Think of your most cliche', and favorite movies, of the 90s. We bet that this set makes you think of one of them!

As IF!

As if you DIDN'T need this set! I mean, there are SO many great opportunities to use it. Your bestest girlfriend is going to LOVE receiving a card made from this set, I bet it will bring back fond memories for her!

Even though the language might be dated some, we're sure any teenager will still LOVE a card using one of the sentiments. Does OMG ever go out of style? 

This stamp set will be PERFECT for creating bookmarks or decorating wrapping paper. Think of how great it will look in your planner too!

“90's Girls” is a 3" x 4" stamp set made of high-quality clear photopolymer and lovingly produced in the USA

A clear acrylic block will be needed to stamp with these, check out our Stamp Starter kit here. You can also view out our selection of ink pads here.

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