Wacky Holiday Stamp of the Month Club

Who doesn't love adding extra bits of fun throughout their month?! With everyday holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, now we have an abundance of super wacky holidays we get to celebrate!

To share in the celebrations, we are offering our first stamp of the month club which will feature a 3x4 stamp set along with a coordinating 3.5x4.5 matte kiss cut sticker sheet. 

Each month's package will be a mystery until after the 15th, where we will reveal the set.

You can choose either a 1 month, or a 3 month subscription to our Wacky Holiday Stamp of the Month Club which will ship out by the 15th of each month and it's theme will celebrate the wacky holiday for the upcoming month. For example, August's holiday set will ship by July 15th, so you have it for that month's celebrations!

So how does this work?

Do you want just 1 month? When purchasing during a calendar month, you will be sent the following month's theme.

Do you want 3 months? You will be sent the following month's theme, and then on the 15th of the next two months, you will be sent the following month's package.

1 month does not include US or international shipping.
3 months includes US first class mail shipping for the second and the third months. You will pay your first month's shipping at check out. If you wish to purchase this and are an international customer, we will send you an invoice for the shipping difference on you second and third month.

Since this product is already discounted, it is not eligible for any any coupons, discount or reward code redemptions. Any orders placed with a discount code will be cancelled and refunded. Since these are mystery packages, orders are not refundable.


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