Artist Trading Cards

January 17, 2018

Artist Trading Cards

If you are in our Facebook Fan Group (Kindred Stamps Fan Club) then you know we've been talking a lot about ATCs in this group lately.

What is an ATC? ATC stands for Artist Trading Card, basically, it is a small work of art specifically designed to trade with other members for other small works of art. They typically measure the same size as a baseball card and can be stored in the same plastic sleeves.

Our group currently has two exchanges going on right now, one in Austrailia, and one in the US (I think our UK one needs more participants!). Everyone is creating a whole bunch of ATCs, they are shipping them to a host and in mid-February, that host will be shipping back a whole bunch of different ATCs from the other participants!

The idea to do ATCs is actually the brainchild of one of our Fan Club Members. Amelia Roe played with our Horror Cuties digital stamp set and made some fun ATCs! Eventually, several of us decided to do an ATC swap!

Amelia was kind enough to blog about her ATC process and we hare here to share her blog post today! She shows you how she goes from this blank panel:

To this finished work, complete with AWESOME trading information on the backside!

Along the way she's got a really clever way to mask off part of a sentiment, which I think you'll want to see! View her blog post, at Milly's Crafty Place HERE!

I think you'll really like her process, and if you want to participate, there is still time! Join us at our Fan Club!

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