Childhood Friends Holiday Card with DIY Envelope Liner Instructions

December 16, 2019

Childhood Friends Holiday Card with DIY Envelope Liner Instructions

Hey All! Justin here, and I’ve got a cute holiday card that I made with the Childhood Friends set, along with a step by step tutorial to make your own envelope liner!

I heat embossed each of these little cuties in black embossing powder, and then colored them with Copic Markers. In order to give them a little bit of a holiday twist, I used winter and Santa hat die cuts for each of the animals. I even used some red glitter cardstock for some of the hats for a little extra glitz and sparkle.

Because the Childhood Friends set doesn’t have a holiday sentiment, I decided to pull the “Merry Christmas” sentiment from Sweet House (I love the font of this sentiment!). I paired it with the “Bouncing by to say hi” sentiment, with masking the “hi” off” so it would read “Bouncing by to say Merry Christmas”.

I also made my Bouncing Tiger really jump by using a pull-tab die!

Now, if you’ve been following my projects, you know that almost every card that I make has to be paired with a lined envelope! I’ve had a handful of people ask how I make the liners, and I came up with a fairly fool-proofed procedure to line almost any envelope!

First, here are the basic materials you will need to line your envelope:

  • Envelope of your choice
  • Paper for the liner (make sure it’s large enough to line the envelope)
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paper Trimmer (not required, but it really helps get those straight edges)

Step 1: Select your Envelope and Liner Paper

I always pick my envelope first, and choosing a coordinating envelope liner second.

For this card, I wanted to make my own patterned paper by using the Candy Cane Stencil!

Step 2: Trace your Envelope & Cut

Here’s a fun trick when I make envelope liners: Because I trace my liners, I do the tracing on the backside of the paper to mask any pencil marks. Flip your liner paper over to the backside, open up your envelope, and place it over the area with the patterned paper.

Note: You may notice that part of my liner is going to be blank white paper. This is OK. You’ll see when I flip

Place your opened envelope over the area you want to use as your liner, and trace lightly with a pencil. You will notice that I traced my liner in pen so it’s easier for you to see!

Once your liner is fully traced, cut it with your scissors.

Step 3: Measure and Trim

To make this liner fit snuggly inside your envelope, you’re going to have to do a small amount of measuring.

You know the part of the envelope you have to lick to get it to seal? Find the thickest part of the dried glue strip and measure how thick it is. For my envelope, it’s about 0.75 inches.

Whatever thickness you measure, cut this measurement directly from the bottom flat edge of the liner.

You will also want to do a small amount of even trimming from the left and right flat edge of the envelope. I recommend cutting somewhere between 1/8 inch to 1/16 inch. For this liner, I cut 1/8 inch (0.125) because it worked better with my paper trimmer.

Step 4: Adhere

Take your double sided tape and run it along the non-dried glue inner edge (that’s honestly the best way I could think of describing it). When using envelopes with a triangular flap, I make a triangle on the flap, and then run a single line of double-sided tape in the body part of the envelope to help keep everything in place.

After my double-sided tape is placed, I carefully insert my liner to make sure it’s centered.

You’ll see when you insert the liner, that a lot of the liner ends up covered by the envelope. Once you become familiar with envelope liners, you’ll find ways to use scraps and odd-sized paper to make perfectly normal looking liners!

And that’s how you do it!

For a complete list of specific supplies used, check out my personal blog post for further details!

I can’t wait to see your envelope liners! Be sure to share your projects in the Kindred Stamps Fan Club Facebook Group when you’re done!

Happy Crafting, Everyone!!

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