Never Grow Up

November 24, 2018

Never Grow Up

Hi, everyone! Rachel B here today with a confession. I'm a bookworm. A big one. I read constantly. And here's another confession, I have a couple of cats. And these cats enjoy things with strings on them. In other words, my cats like to chew on my bookmarks which makes keeping them (the bookmarks, not the cats) in the house a struggle. Fortunately, this hobby and a nifty little die help keep me in homemade bookmarks so I don't go crazy every time they chew one up!

So that's where the inspiration for today's project came from. One of my little rascals grabbed the bookmark from my current book and shredded it. I needed a new one and Never Grow Up was sitting on my desk just begging to be made into one!

I cut two bookmarks from white cardstock with my die (one to color on and one to adhere to the back to hide any bleeding that might come through). I stamped on one of them and then colored it with my Copics. I even colored the sky to give it a little something extra. I used my Multi Medium Matte to adhere the two bookmarks together. Because it stays wet for a little bit before becoming permanent, I was able to position the pieces perfectly before it dried. I added a little baker's twine to it and I have a new bookmark to keep my place in my current read!

Thanks for joining me today!

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