Arcade Friends

April 16, 2019 1 Comment

Arcade Friends

This week I am to sharing how to draw a scene or background for your cards. I will be using the “Arcade Friends” stamp set by Kindred stamp for my card. I decided I wanted to have my arcade friend to bust though a brick wall.

but I don't have a brick wall stamp, so I need to draw one. I know drawing can be intimidating but start with something simple, a brick wall is just a bunch of rounded rectangles

Step 1: draw guide lines, this helps keep the bricks similar in size. My horizontal line are ½ an inch a part. I started with the top row of brick; the bricks are about ¾ of and inch in length. I left a small gap between each brick as to be the grout. Once I had my first row in I draw in the second row off setting the bricks to the first row.

Step 2 for the rest of my brick rows I altered between lining up with the 1st and 2nd rows. Rows 1,3,5,7,and 9 are all aligned the same, while rows 2,4,6,and 8 are all aligned with one another. Side note bricks are imperfect its ok if your drawing isn't perfect. I left out brick where I wanted to put my character. I used the stamp to judge how big to make the opening.

Step 3 out line the bricks with a pen. I planned on coloring with Copic markers so I used a Copic multi liner in size 0.3. You'll want to use an ink that works with your coloring medium, has a similar thickness and color so your drawing will blend with your stamping

Step 3.2 erase all of your pencil lines

Step 4 making a mask for the foreground. I used a full sticky post-it note I placed it over the area and traced around the bricks I wanted to mask off. Fussy cut along the edge.


Step 5 once all your mask are in place stamp your character image

Step 5.2 remove all mask and scream YESSS! when everything comes out as planned.

Step 6 color in with your medium of choice, I used Copic makers. RV69, R59, R27, R29 (Bricks) C3 & C5 (Button) R15,YR07,YR15, YR65,YR02 (Shirt) W9,W7, W5 (Hole and Grout) E31, E11, E00 ( Skin) E29, E37,E57, E15 (Hair and Pants)

I hope you enjoyed this card and I will be back soon to share more.

Brandi M

The Craft Bean

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Amanda Stevens
Amanda Stevens

April 16, 2019

I love it! You make it looks so simple Brandi; I think I’ll give it a try! Thank you!!!

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