Coffee Anyone?

January 17, 2019 1 Comment

Coffee Anyone?

Hi, Tania here again! 

For some reason I am totally obsessed with making shape cards lately.  And this set is no exception.  I love anything to do with coffee, except smelling or drinking it.  I love papers, stamps, the colour.  So with this "The One With The Friend"set I was inspired to use the coffee and tea cup as the shapes for the cards.  

If you have no idea where to start (I free handed mine) you could always use our friend, google, and look up pictures of the cups and print them out and trace the shapes.  Easy peasy.  

All sentiments are in this set which is very handy. 

For my coffee cups I use T1, T3, T5 & T7 for the lids.  Shading out edge darker and working back to the lightest colour.  The darker brown combo is E71, E74, E77 & E79.   The belly band around the middle isE41, E42, E43 & E44.  If you feel you do not have enough highlight in the middle don't be afraid to use a white pencil to add more.  I then added the character on the front.  Adhered this to acetate, cut and folded just like a normal card.  When sticking your coffee cup to the front make sure the top of the cup is at the bend in your card so you can trim the excess acetate away.  For the inside, just cut out the shape of the coffee cup and stick it on both panels of the inner.  That way you now have somewhere to right. 


For this one it is all the same except before you do the darker brown I just added some leaves to break up the darkness.  And the white belly band is done the same as the lid.  

I love a good cup of tea, and this is a good one.  If you have traced or hand drawn your cups, make sure you rub out the lines so you can only just see them.  That way once coloured they have the no line colouring look.  The colours I used for this cup were R81, R83 & R85.  Touched it up with my white pencil to add more highlight.  Added the character and repeat what we did with the coffee cup on the front (right on the fold of acetate) then hand cut around and add the outlined cup shapes only so you have somewhere to write.  

I had fun making these cards and I hope you liked them and the tutorial on how to make them.  Any diehard fan would love these.  I know my daughters did!  

Thanks for stopping by


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Amy Tsuruta
Amy Tsuruta

January 17, 2019

These are so much fun! I’m going to feature them in the Coffee Loving Papercrafters FB page!

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