Friday Feature 7/20/18

July 20, 2018 1 Comment

Friday Feature 7/20/18

Guess what guys?!?!?! We are bringing back our Friday Feature!

What is a Friday Feature you ask? I'm so glad you inquired! The Friday Feature is where we radically discount a stamp set and showcase it for you. :) This sale usually will last between 24-48 hours and is limited to stock on hand, we can not offer credits if an item goes out of stock.

First come, first served!

This week we've got 3 sales. YUP, you read that right!!! 3!!!

We are offering You're Purrfect and Inseparable Friends on sale! But it gets better! We've bundled them and are offering the bundle on a better sale than the two individually!

See our sale for You're Purrfect here.

See our sale for Inseparable Friends here.

See the bundle here!

And if you need inspiration for these sets, look at these amazing projects below!

You're Purrfect:

Inseparable Friends:

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July 20, 2018

You guys rock! I guess I will just keep buying til I’m living in my car! …JK

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