Galactic Gifts

February 02, 2019 2 Comments

Galactic Gifts

Welcome, welcome!  It has take me 2 years to get around to making this project.  That long I had forgotten where the pattern is that I saved for  So I had to make it from scratch.  

I am sure the pattern was much larger than this but I made it custom to fit our little heroin.  And the box to fit the little surprise inside.  I am sure the original idea was for the box to contain a little gift or treat but serves as an explosion box on a mini scale. 

All I did was cut the card to size (for the character) and then cut a square from the right hand side.  Covered the front with patterned paper (used the square cut out for the front of the box.  I custom made a little box to sit inside the square cut out.  

I did not glue the side of the box together as I wanted the sides to fall down, but the lid has had all of its sides down so you just lift it nicely off the top.  Also the box was made big enough for the little character to hide inside. Something you can omit if you wish to fill it with something else.  

I put my thinking cap to come up with something else other than a bow to put on the lid but the thinking cap was on the fritz!  LOL  The bow still works though.  

Thank you so much for checking my project out.  You should really have a go and share your projects on the fan page.  

Thanks again


Paper and Me

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Tania Cordie
Tania Cordie

February 05, 2019

Thanks Nancy. It is always nice to meet a fellow colourist. Happy crafting. :-)

Nancy Otterby
Nancy Otterby

February 03, 2019

Your coloring is perfect (I’m a Spectrum Noir beginner), the design so clever, and I appreciate your step-by-step instruction!
If I have 4-5 hours or more (! 😉) I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

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