Weekly Feature for 2/10/18

February 10, 2018 1 Comment

Weekly Feature for 2/10/18

The Weekly Feature is BACK!!!!

What is the Weekly Feature you ask? The Weekly Feature is a sale we place on an item in our shop that usually lasts for 24 hours only, it is something you have to act fast on. Unless Hannah is being slow and lazy that is!

This week's feature is on the Notorious RBG! The Stamp set is actually called "I Dissent" and it features one of our most notorious Supreme Court Justices!

See some of the creations our Creative Design Members made with this set!

P.S. It pairs PERFECTLY with our Girl Gang stamp set, which is currently also on sale. OOPS! Don't tell Audra I did that!

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Sharon Gullikson
Sharon Gullikson

February 15, 2018

I just became aware of your stamps this morning—I saw Justine Hovey’s card using your Pirates stamps. I looked at your website, saw a lot that I like, and even posted some on Facebook (Star Wars) that I know a friend will like…..then I decided to look at your website, including your blog, further. I’m not as thrilled anymore. I don’t agree with your politics. Not that I have to agree with everyone’s political beliefs, but it seems like you don’t mind alienating 1/2 of the population. I’m guessing that many people don’t know what RBG stood for, so you may not lose too many potential customers. But you may not have thought of this angle:RBG argued against upholding a ban against partial birth abortions without exceptions. She wanted any and all pregnant women to be able to have their babies killed—-for any reason, or no reason. I guess she was pro-choice for ADULT females, but not for unborn baby girls. I’m guessing that the babies would choose to live. Just a guess…… At 55 years of age, I am still not 100% sure of where I stand on abortion (when does life begin? I don’t know for sure). But I most certainly believe that babies should not be torn to bits in their mommies’ tummies. Here is a link if you would like to know what the “procedure” involves: https://www.nrlc.org/archive/abortion/facts/pbafacts.html RBG wanted to ensure that some of your future customers will be killed before they have a chance to learn the joys of craft making. Or walking. Or laughing….She wasn’t just in favor of abortion, but partial birth abortion with no restrictions. Why in the world would you choose to make a stamp to honor such a woman? Did you research her history at all? …..You get to choose which stamps you offer. I get to choose which stamps I buy. It’s the American way. I’m just saying that you might not want to take such a stand with some of your stamps….or do. Whatever.

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